Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Snow White Vertical Integration


This was hillarious!
i know its in french, with subtitles
but its fun, enjoy.

Monday, 21 March 2011

- Tsunami -Situation.

Lately the news has been about the Tsunami that hit japan this month,
I was shocked at what i had seen on the news! what has happened to the world?
you see these films like The Day After Tomorrow  & 2012, which is about the world ending
has this theory really started so early?

I was very upset with Comic Releif when they had nothing about Japan on the show,
I was sitting on my sofa waiting and waiting for Japan to be mentioned as i wanted to donate
but instead i decided to donate for the poor children in africa.

Most of us britains take advantage of what we have ( water,food,clothing etc )
but I know all too well that if I had a chance to give some of my stuff away I would
because I have that sypmathetic bone somewhere in my body, which makes me feel for others.

Also when Adele sung - Someone Like You -
the only thing that sprun to mind was japan
because I wish i could have given them every last thing i had to help
and I mean EVERYTHING.

R.I.P to all those people who died in the Japan Tsunami

Sunday, 20 March 2011

- Recent;Thoughts

Lately ive become very addicted to adele's song - Someone Like You
i dont know why the song is full of so much emotion, but clearly through the harmonic tones in her voice, there was a backround to that song she composed.

When she sung someone like you on comic relief - i could tell in her face that she was feeling something as she sung every lyric of her song, which really touches peoples hearts. Its strange that so much emotion was brought through one song, and made everyone donate.

But overall im glad people donated money to other countries because us britains sometimes take things for granted, and have selfish moments, but hey everyone will do it at some point in their life.
I hope i keep you all intrested because i havent really found the words to say much this time round.

My next post will be aimed at, what hard times people encounter and go through, & also how they chose to manage these problems, which should be interesting because im excited about seeing how you guys manage bad situations, i hope to hear from you all tomorrow, thankyou all :)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

' Just A Thought;


So lately ive been doing work experience at HMV the music store
thanks to job centre - everything is fine & im enjoying myself
but also ive fallen out with a friend who i love dearly.

So, after the arguement i got thinking
& ive decided i need to change
my hairs too long for a bog
my body needs improving
and i generally want to be in a relationship at some point..

any ideas on what else i could do?
because im actually running out of my own ideas

many thanks