Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Right guys;

In a few days im going to write something about missing people
- i feel the need to express the feeling of missing someone or a number of individuals
so keeps your eyes open & i hope you all enjoy my next post :)

Monday, 14 February 2011



Laugh is something that anyone can do, but how you chose to laugh is your own matter
some people laugh because they simply find something amusing or they are a bubbly creative individual, OR you could laugh for the sake of it, or because you just simply can't find anything else to say.

I myself don't really laugh alot because im not a humerous person - but when something funny happens or is said or done, that would be my motivation to laugh. But also when you laugh it can mean something totally different for example someone could make a bad joke, they thinking your laughing because it was really funny - but in reality you was laughing at them for such a bad joke.

Ive realised now i only ever laugh in person depending on the people im currently with at the time
and if i feel comfortable to laugh and joke around with the people. Ive experienced lately that
real friends are people that would accept you for who you are, and give you the time of your life.

Last weekend i decided to have a little gathering with a bunch of friends which i thought would be akward due to some circumstances. But i was proved wrong when we all connected and just spoke about everything. We played a few games to keep ourselves occupied which ive never done before
but i actually really enjoyed myself.

I don't know what laughing is like for most people - because im not used to being out and about with people, but now i feel more comfortable in myself and around these people i was with.
I hope you all have a lovely valentines day, live love & laugh your way through your days
because you never know when somethings going to change, so good luck guys
& ill start a new blog on a different way of life - hopefully you all keep reading :)

Friday, 11 February 2011



Right; so this parts of love which will have rather personal stuff on it, so sorry if i depress people :).

Ever since i was 14 i started to fall into crowds with people which took me down the path of alcohol and lots of drugs - which i promised my family i would never do as i have a very religious family ( im not religious ).

I started to fall inlove with a girl name Kathleen ( Kitty for short )
we was really great friends and did everything together which made us so good as friends, until the day we had an arguement & stopped being friends, a few months later we started again as friends
which then turned into a drunken night where we had sex.

I used a condom and everything but i wasnt able to put it on so she did it for me, a few months after the sexual encounter we fell out BIG time and she walked out of my life. Later would i find out 6 months later she was pregnant with my child, which brought on many different emotions
but most of all i was always going to be there for her through the whole pregnancy.

A few weeks after she announced she was pregnant i was given the bad news that she lost the child which brought once again more emotions instead of happy ones i was slipping into deep depression and i later was made to go to councilling.

Then when i was 16 i came out as bisexual which shocked many of my beloved family and friends which has later caused complications in my life & now im forever struggling with the grief and upset.
I've experimented with both sex's ( boys & girls ) but ive never been into sex because in my perspective a relationship isn't always about sex, which has shocked many of the people i date.

Half way through 2010 i fell inlove with someone i thought was the best in my life, the first few months were everything i ever dreamt of & could wish for. Then a day after my 18th birthday ( wasn't the best year ) i was later to find out i was being accused of cheating which i swore down that i would NEVER commit as i find cheating disgusting but hey we all make mistakes.

I was then dumped after proving the best i could that i wasn't cheating which left me severely shattered and heart broken, i didn't know how i would recover from the pain i was feeling. After a few grueling months i finally got over the pain after having an emotional breakdown and falling into yet another encounter with drugs, which still to this day im fighting the battle against.

I sometimes get pressured into smoking weed ( cannabis ) i tend to smoke alot of this drug because i get such a high off it, - which disgusts me because i can do other things to get my highs, but nobodys perfect? but nowadays i tend to just go with the flow because i have friends that love me inside + out, which would make anybody happy, & im enjoying my life as it is right now.

I just wanted to give to give you all an insight on my experiences with love -
which haven't really been the best im afraid to admit, but i have
i dont want to make you feel like you wont ever be happy, or wont fall inlove with someone
but just keep your heads held high & live your life + love your family and friends.
If you do fall inlove with someone cherish every single moment + memory you have together
because you never know what you have until its gone. But thank you all.

Thursday, 10 February 2011



When your a baby, you always wonder what life is going to be like when you grow up & how its going to turn out
when you become a todler you always pick your dream profession and you try to stick to it, but eventually you change your mind.
I've always wanted to be sucessful in my life and achieve something simply amazing - instead i settled for being a chef.

I've disappointed so many important people from the day i turned 16
- but that does'nt mean im not destined to be sucessful at some point in my life, Im now 18
ive managed to become a chef; but the one thing i want to do is make something of my life.

The hardest part of life is when you chose whether you should carry on education or just go straight for work,
never give up your education because its the one part of life that will get you so far in your life. I decided after my first year doing
my VRQ1 In Catering & Hospitality that I would give up my education and directly look for a job - which was the biggest mistake i chose.

Looking for a job is'nt the easiest now that recession has become at it's highest peak since 2002, I have experienced that because I have
actually applied for over 50 jobs in the past year. Only 2 of those 50 jobs actually contacted me and gave me a chance to prove what I could
bring to the table, sadly I was'nt cut out for the job.

The best thing to do when going for a job interview is to give them your ' Personality ' because that's what defines you from the other applicants,
you will get turned down by many employers but that's what makes you 10X's stronger, & eventually you will get the job you desire.
My aim of this section to my blog named ' Live ' is to show you what the reality of life is really like.

The other two sections will be posted within the next few days, because i really want to explain the values of life & how it really is for people like myself,
some of you readers will think hey he's young and wouldnt know what its like to be turned down by many people, but hey I actually have,
so keep reading guys, & keep a big smile on your face.


Hey; right im pretty new to writing blogs, so take it easy on me
Im starting a blog because ive learnt alot in my life so far, and want to inspire people and hopefully show them that no matter how things seem at first, everything will be okay, i hope you enjoy my blog guys.