Thursday, 10 February 2011



When your a baby, you always wonder what life is going to be like when you grow up & how its going to turn out
when you become a todler you always pick your dream profession and you try to stick to it, but eventually you change your mind.
I've always wanted to be sucessful in my life and achieve something simply amazing - instead i settled for being a chef.

I've disappointed so many important people from the day i turned 16
- but that does'nt mean im not destined to be sucessful at some point in my life, Im now 18
ive managed to become a chef; but the one thing i want to do is make something of my life.

The hardest part of life is when you chose whether you should carry on education or just go straight for work,
never give up your education because its the one part of life that will get you so far in your life. I decided after my first year doing
my VRQ1 In Catering & Hospitality that I would give up my education and directly look for a job - which was the biggest mistake i chose.

Looking for a job is'nt the easiest now that recession has become at it's highest peak since 2002, I have experienced that because I have
actually applied for over 50 jobs in the past year. Only 2 of those 50 jobs actually contacted me and gave me a chance to prove what I could
bring to the table, sadly I was'nt cut out for the job.

The best thing to do when going for a job interview is to give them your ' Personality ' because that's what defines you from the other applicants,
you will get turned down by many employers but that's what makes you 10X's stronger, & eventually you will get the job you desire.
My aim of this section to my blog named ' Live ' is to show you what the reality of life is really like.

The other two sections will be posted within the next few days, because i really want to explain the values of life & how it really is for people like myself,
some of you readers will think hey he's young and wouldnt know what its like to be turned down by many people, but hey I actually have,
so keep reading guys, & keep a big smile on your face.


  1. It's true. Study while you're young. You COULD study later byt it's 10 times that hard.

  2. Hey man stick in there, I was in the exact same position as you.

    Try to always hand your resumes in person, but also try to get your friends to get you jobs.

    Good luck in the future man.

  3. Looking for a job these days isn't easy. I thought that after having worked in the council for a good while and only being cut because of the council cuts that followed, that it would of benefited my CV greatly.

    Hasn't really done me any noticeable favours for me. I'm still unemployed.

  4. i agree with the education part, nowadays you need all this education just to get a really high paying job. A high school diploma can't take you as far as it used to.

  5. You are talking about my life here, every recent agonizing second of it... I have been looking for work steady for a while to no avail. It definitely gets depressing and aggravating at times but such is life I suppose